Trick or Treat, and Die! ( Creep World #5 )

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Another Creep World book from author Luther Darkmore!

Jake Harris has been grounded by his parents for getting into a fight with bullies at school. Now he has to be babysat while they go out of town on Halloween night. Worse, his parents hired Emma Kinsey , the most popular high school girl in town, as his sitter — and she’s only a few years older than he is! How embarrassing!

Still, Jake has a plan. He’s been plotting revenge against the bullies . All he has to do is sneak out of the house on Halloween night and challenge the bullies to break into the creepiest old house in town. Jake will record a video showing them chickening out and use it to blackmail the bullies into leaving him alone.

It’s a perfect plan. What could possibly go wrong? After all, it’s just a creepy house on Halloween…

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