Field Manual FM 3-0 Army Operations

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FM 3-0 establishes the United States Army’s keystone doctrine for full spectrum operations. The doctrine holds warfighting as the Army’s primary focus and recognizes that the ability of Army forces to dominate land warfare also provides the ability to dominate any situation in military operations other than war.

The foundation of FM 3-0 is built upon global strategic responsiveness for prompt, sustained Army force operations on land as a member of a joint or multinational force. FM 3-0 is compatible with joint doctrine. It provides overarching doctrinal direction for the conduct of full spectrum operations detailed in other Army manuals. As the Army’s principal tool for professional education in the art and the science of war, FM 3-0 presents a stable body of operational doctrine rooted in actual military experience.

FM 3-0 provides a foundation for the development of tactics, techniques, and procedures. SCOPE: FM 3-0 is divided into four parts. Part One (Chapters 1-3) discusses the Army’s role in peace, conflict, and war. Part Two (Chapters 4-6) discusses the fundamentals of full spectrum operations, battle command, and the operations process. Part Three (Chapters 7-10) discusses the four types of Army operations: offensive, defensive, stability, and support. Part Four (Chapters 11 and 12) discusses information superiority and combat service support as enabling operations. APPLICABILITY: FM 3-0 provides operational guidance for commanders and trainers at all echelons and forms the foundation for curricula within the Army Education System. Its audience is broad, from battalion through corps to other operational-level organizations. Officers and senior non-commissioned officers must read and understand FM 3-0.

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