How to Market YouTube Videos : Guide for Beginners

It’s probably not news to you that YouTube has grown to become one of the fastest rising websites of all time, and a crazy source of traffic. YouTube gets over 800 million UNIQUE visitors each month. It’s only natural that you’d want to use YouTube to generate more sales for your business. The problem is more video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60 day period than the three major U.S. TV networks have created in the past 60 years! Even if you produce a good video, it is HARD to make it stand out from the crowd, anyone who has tried to make a video go viral on YouTube knows that. This ebook, written by YouTube expert Carey Martell, will educate you on the proper steps to promote your videos to reach the audience of subscribers you want.

The Lean Channel: YouTube for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wanted to start a business centered around producing YouTube videos? Having trouble convincing viewers to become subscribers? This book serves as a guide for the complete novice instructing in how to get started on your path to becoming a new media sensation and make money. Learn everything from how to setup your channel to how to brand your show. There is even advice on how to grow a community of passionate subscribers.

In ‘The Lean Channel: YouTube for Entrepreneurs‘ Carey Martell shows you the techniques he used to grow his own YouTube channel from zero to millions of views. He later used these techniques to start a YouTube multi-channel network which grew to hundreds of millions of views and subscribers in nine months.

Agile SCRUM for Film-makers: How to Produce Movies & TV Shows In Half the Time

A Practical Guide for Filmmakers to the Popular Agile Process of SCRUM

If you want to use SCRUM to develop movies and TV shows, ‘Agile SCRUM for Film-makers’ is the reference guide you’ve been looking for. Author Carey Martell explains the principles and method of SCRUM, and describes flexible, proven approaches that can help you implement it far more effectively in your production team.

Whether you are new to SCRUM or years into your use, this book will introduce, clarify, and deepen your SCRUM knowledge.

This book is available in both the Kindle .mobi format and as an audiobook.

YouTube Sponsorships: How Creators Like You Can Fund Your Channel

Each year companies spend $17 Billion on sponsorships. This is an ideal source of funding to tap into for any YouTube creators. However, many video bloggers simply have no idea what a good sponsorship deal is. They do videos for either low or no money that, if they were more knowledgeable, would have earned them six figure deals.

Sport athletes and film actors don’t do endorsements for free. Why should you?

‘YouTube Sponsorships: How To Creators Like You Can Fund Your Channel’ is a guide on how to:

• Find the right sponsor for your YouTube channel

• Locate the contact information for the right person at a brand company.

• Identify and approach potential sponsors

• Create an effective sponsorship pitch proposal for your project

Cosplayers: The Movie

This ‘rock and roll’-style documentary film explores the anime subculture in North America with footage from anime conventions and interviews with fans, voice actors and artists.

Includes special feature content such as funny outtakes and advice for voice actor aspirants.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.