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Breakfast of Monsters (Creep World #2)

Another Creep World tale from author Luther Darkmore!

Brenden has been having problems at school. He’s failing his classes and arguing with his teachers. Brenden’s parents respond by putting him on a healthy diet, believing his behavior issues are a consequence of eating too many sugary snacks. But the diet just makes Brenden more angry.

Walking home from school, Brenden discovers someone has left their garage door wide open, revealing boxes of delicious food. So Brenden decides to help himself to it. So what if he’s stealing? The sugary food tastes great and Brenden is now even doing better in class after eating his fill of the snacks. He feels stronger and smarter, and he likes what he’s changing into….

If you enjoy Goosebump novels, you’ll love Creep World books!

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