Manga Fantasy Monster Coloring Book

The Manga Fantasy Monster Coloring Book features 54 unique original fantasy manga monster designs that you can color for kids and adults. Manga fans and coloring enthusiasts can color their own versions of these cool and edgy characters, which includes an alraune, goblin wizard, minotaur, ghosts, skeletons, knights, trent, grim reaper, lord dragons, bat, succubus, fairy queen and even a demon king! Several popular female mythical monster characters are included in this book. These black-and-white illustrations are drawn in a manga / anime art style for you to color and even draw in your own backgrounds to complete the fantasy picture. Several of the illustrations are also fun and cute. This is a must-have collection for fans of Japanese fantasy manga / anime and video games. There is something for everyone whether you are a beginner or experienced in coloring. There are fun simplistic and more detailed designs in the book, sure to be something for everyone, especially if you like cute monster girls. This is a great fantasy coloring book for kids, especially if you like mythical fantasy monsters.

If you want a high quality anime coloring book for teens, the Manga Fantasy Monster Coloring book is a good fit for your needs. It is also a great anime coloring book for teens and all ages. Some of the anime monster girl designs are very kawaii, too! This anime coloring book has 50 plus monster illustrations in it.

The Manga Fantasy Monster Coloring Book is sure to spark creativity and inspire fans to create their own unique collection of colorful manga monster characters. This manga monster book is a great activity book for bringing out creativity and relaxing your time. If you have kids that want to draw manga monsters this book is a good way to introduce that activity to them. This is a good monster coloring book for kids 4-8, for kids 3-5, for kids 8-12 and 9-12. Adults will also find this book to be fun to color, too! This book is perfect for Halloween, for birthday gifts, it is a monster coloring book for all ages.



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