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Pandemonia Chronicles: DAWN: Special Illustrated Edition

This special edition re-release of the original story features 32 full page manga-style illustrations as an English language light novel.

Join a daring young man on his adventure in an exciting fantasy world inspired by popular role playing video games and Japanese Isekai / LitRPG light novels!

An encounter with a strange medallion leaves sixteen year old Gestalt possessed by the spirit of an ancient Demon King, making him a key player in a war between the Demon King and the Goddess of Life. Unfortunately, the Demon King wants to destroy the world and the Goddess wants to enslave everyone in it! With the aid of a talking teddy bear, a grumpy demon dog and a unicorn princess who wants to marry him, Gestalt embarks on a journey to stop the Goddess’ sinister plot and find a way to get rid of the Demon King — yet, he must also rely on the dark power of the Demon King in order to stand a chance against the powerful minions of the Goddess. Can Gestalt resist against the corrupting temptations of the Demon King and save the world, rather than destroy it? Is it even possible for a mere human to stand up against the power of a Goddess?

If you enjoy humorous tales of action and adventure in light novel fantasy worlds for teen and young adults, you’re sure to enjoy Pandemonia Chronicles: DAWN Special Edition! This is an excellent fantasy book for kids. If you want to read fantasy books for teens, fantasy books with romance (such as between a unicorn princess and a human boy) and new fantasy books, Pandemonia Chronicles is a good book for you. This is also a fantasy book about magic, magicians, demons, a unicorn princess and other magical creatures.

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