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Tale of the Haunted Video Game (Creep World #6)

Another Creep World tale from author Luther Darkmore!

Retro game collecting can be fun, but sometimes the game wants to collects you!

Dante Miller and his dad are obsessed with collecting retro videogames, so Dante is excited when he discovers a box of old games at an estate sale held at a house just outside of city limits. Many of the games are considered classics, and he’s never played them, but one game in particular stands out — the game titled Drabardi.

The game doesn’t have a proper label, and the grey cart simply has its name written in black marker. That isn’t too uncommon with second hand games, but still, something about the game is off. It doesn’t play like a normal game. When Dante loads it up, a pixelated fortune teller appears and asks for his information. As a joke, Dante enters his little sister Zelda’s birth date and then asks the fortune teller a childish question, “When will my sister die?”

Now things are getting really scary. The game said Zelda is going to die soon….

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