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Ultimate Instagram Book: How to Growth Hack 1,000 Likes in 90 Days

Are you frustrated with the current number of Instagram followers you have? Do you want to know about the fastest, easiest and most surefire way to gain a stupendous number of followers quickly? Want to find out what hash tags your competitors are using?

Instagram can be a powerful weapon in your online social media marketing arsenal and with so many people using it nowadays from all ages and backgrounds, it really has a vast potential to help you reach your target audience. Your success of course depends on the amount of dedication you put and all the little details you consider to make your campaign be as successful as possible and stand out from the rest.

With the rise of smartphones (and smarter apps), more and more people are spending far more time on their phone than they do with desktops. It is thus safe to say that you should focus on tapping into this mobile market. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Instagram was born as a mobile-based app and is therefore all the more suitable for mobile marketing.

In this e-book, digital media expert Carey Martell provides you all the necessary steps, tips, and tricks you need to know, from the moment you register for your Instagram account to the stage of increasing user engagement and action to generate sales. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a corporate marketer, this book will become a valuable resource.

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